LSU-Auburn Tops Viewers for Season

The SEC Championship game between LSU and Auburn was the most watched College Softball game of the season to date. The Auburn Tigers win over LSU garnered 587,000 viewers on Saturday on ESPN according to . It beat the Georgia-Alabama game on May 7th which had 505,000 viewers on ESPN.

This year SEC Title game is down from last year’s SEC Title game between Auburn and Tennessee had 887,000 viewers. Keep in mind though that last year’s SEC title game aired on primetime compared to this year’s 5pm eastern start time.

The ACC Championship game between Notre Dame and Florida State that aired before the SEC Championship game on ESPN had 486,000 viewers making it the most watched ACC Softball championship game ever as it was up from last year’s ACC Title game between Florida State and Pittsburgh which had 453,000 viewers. The American Conference Championship game between South Florida and Tulsa which aired on ESPN had 484,000 viewers. It was the first time the American Conference Championship game aired on ESPN and did not go up against a Softball game.

Last year Championship game between Tulsa and UCF aired on ESPN2 went head to head against the ACC Championship game at the same time. In 2014 The American Conference Tournament  was effected by rain so it aired Semi-final game between UCF and Rutgers from Houston on ESPN2 that went up against a regular season Big 12 Softball game.

The Big East Championship game between St John’s and Butler had  tough competition going up against ACC and SEC title games on a lesser network airing on Fox Sports 2. The game garnered 24,000 viewers which did triple last year’s Big East Title game between St John’s and Seton Hall which had 8,000 viewers.

The NCAA Selection Show on Sunday night that aired on ESPNU garnered 109,000 viewers.

ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU Softball Schedule

Date Time (ET) Game Network
March 18 7 p.m. No. 16 Tennessee at No. 1 Florida ESPNU-  74K
March 24 5 p.m. Mississippi Valley State at Texas Southern ESPNU-44K
March 26 Noon  Florida at  LSU ESPN2-250K
  9 p.m.  Texas at  Baylor ESPN2-164K
April 2 Noon  Alabama at  Florida ESPN2-298k

10:30 p.m.

Tennessee at MissouriUCLA at  Oregon ESPNU-101kESPNU- 99K
April 3 7 p.m. Ole Miss at Mississippi State ESPNU- 91k
April 8 7 p.m. Coastal Carolina at Winthrop ESPNU- 67K
April 9 Noon  Texas A&M at  Tennessee ESPNU- 135k
  5:30 p.m. NC State at  Florida State ESPNU-89k
  3 p.m.  Kentucky at LSU ESPN – 392k
  7:30 p.m.  Georgia at  Missouri ESPNU-163K
April 10 3 p.m.  Oklahoma at  Baylor ESPN2- 208K
  4 p.m. NC State at  Florida State ESPNU- 73k
April 16 1 p.m.3pm  Tennessee at  GeorgiaTexas at Oklahoma ESPN 2-207kESPN2-219K
 April 17 12 p.m.  Missouri at Kentucky ESPNU- 163k
April 23 2 p.m.430pm  Georgia at  AuburnTexas AM at Missouri ESPNU-75KESPNU-112K
  2 p.m.  Oklahoma at  Tennessee ESPN- 311K
  5 p.m.  UCLA at  Arizona ESPN2-182k
April 24 3:30 p.m. Notre Dame at North Carolina ESPNU-70K
  5 p.m.  UCLA at  Arizona ESPN2-166k
April 25 7 p.m.  Notre Dame at North Carolina ESPNU-88K
April 27 6 p.m. Long Beach State at Cal State Fullerton ESPNU-45k
  10:30 p.m. Long Beach State at Cal State Fullerton ESPNU*-34K
April 28 4 p.m. Bethune-Cookman at Florida A&M ESPNU-41K
April 30 7 p.m.  LSU at Arkansas ESPNU- 148K
  8 p.m.  Auburn at  Tennessee ESPN2-Rain Out
May 1 3 p.m.  Arizona at  Oregon ESPN2- 183K
  5 p.m. UCF at USF ESPNU-124k
May 7 Noon  Georgia at  Alabama ESPN- 505k
  1 p.m.  Texas A&M at  Auburn ESPN- 418K

3 p.m.

Arkansas at Florida 

South Carolina at  Missouri



May 13 12pm

3 p.m.

Auburn vs Alabama

LSU vs Tennessee



  5:30 p.m. Auburn vs Florida  ESPNU- 183K
May 14 Noon Tulsa vs South Florida ESPN- 484K
  2 p.m. Notre Dame vs Florida State ESPN- 486K
  5 p.m. LSU vs Auburn ESPN- 587K
May 14 3pm Butler vs St John’s  FS2- 24k

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