Arizona-Auburn Lead Super Regional Ratings

Game two of Arizona-Auburn Super Regionals was the most watched Super Regional game of the week. The Tigers win in Game two over Arizona on ESPN Sunday was seen by 654,000 viewers. It edge out Game two between LSU and James Madison on Saturday which aired on ESPN had 637,000. Both Game three’s of the series were pushed to ESPNU which saw a drop in viewers with Auburn-Arizona Game three garnering only 306,000 viewers while LSU-JMU Game 3 was seen on ESPNU by 153,000. Arizona- Auburn Game Three was the most viewed Super Regional Game that aired on ESPNU.

LSU advances to WCWS with win over JMU

Sunday ESPN had scheduled MLS game between Orlando City and New York City FC which caused the Auburn-Arizona Game three to be moved to ESPNU. You do have to wonder if ESPN though should reconsider moving Game 3’s to lesser channel in the future.

Game Two between Washington and Alabama had 630,000 viewers on Saturday. The game also aired on ESPN.  Game Two between UCLA and Oregon was the most watched Super Regional game that aired on ESPN2 with 408,000 viewers on Sunday.

Patrick Murphy’s Alabama Back to WCWS

Below is breakdown of all the TV numbers for every Super Regional Game.

Thursday May 26, 2016


Louisiana Lafayette at Oklahoma  (Game 1)  377,000 viewers

Georgia at Florida                               (Game 1) 336,000 viewers

Friday May 27, 2016


Washington at Alabama ( Game 1)             364,000 viewers

Georgia at Florida  (Game 2)                           230,000 viewers


Louisiana Lafayette at Oklahoma (Game 2)   198,000 vewers

LSU at James Madison (Game 1)                         189,000 viewers

Utah at Florida State ( Game 1)                           118,000 viewers

Saturday May 28, 2016 


LSU at James Madison ( Game 2)                  637,000

Washington at Alabama ( Game 2)              630,000

UCLA at Oregon ( Game 1)                              447,000

Missouri at Michigan ( Game 1)                   427,000


Arizona at Auburn ( Game 1)                        366,000

Utah at Florida State ( Game 2)                    189,000


LSU at James Madison ( Game 3)                 153,000

Sunday May 29, 2016

Arizona at Auburn ( Game 2)                 654,000

Missouri at Michigan ( Game 2)           599,000


UCLA at Oregon ( Game 2)                    408,000

UCLA at Oregon ( Game 3)                     303,000


Arizona at Auburn ( Game 3)                306,000




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