UCLA-Auburn Leads WCWS Viewers Thursday



Thursday’s Auburn Tigers 10-3 win over UCLA was the most watched Women’s College World Series game on Thursday. Keep in mind the primetime games between Alabama  versus Oklahoma and LSU versus Michigan were rained out.  Auburn versus UCLA had 474,000 viewersaccording to SportsTVRatings.com. Auburn-UCLA is down from last year’s game at same time slot between Auburn and LSU which garnered 562,000 viewers.scarborough

The twenty seven innings of Alabama-Oklahoma had 458,000 viewers. Georgia’s win over Florida State  garnered 334,000 viewers which significantly down from last year’s Florida- Tennessee game in the same time slot which had 546,000 viewers.

Last year’s Auburn-LSU game was a week earlier on May 28, 2015. LSU-Auburn was the second most watched game at the WCWS last year on Thursday with  Alabama-Michigan which was in primetime last year had over 1 million viewers was number one. UCLA last year played the late game against Oregon which garnered 317,000 viewers.

Its worth noting that last year, Opening day of the Women’s College World Series did not go up against the NBA Finals which dominated the television coverage all day on Thursday. The Women’s College World Series did have better viewers then the X-Games which aired on ESPN and drew 317,000 viewers in primetime.



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