Jen Schroeder Talks WCWS, UCLA, The Packaged Deal


On this edition of In The Circle, Eric Lopez and Victor Anderson speaks to former UCLA Bruins Catcher Jen Schroeder  about her career at UCLA (2005-2008) which included being part of three Women College World Series teams during her career with the Bruins. Schroeder talked about the experience of being at the Women’s College World Series as well as her involvement with teaching and giving lessons to young players in California area as well as being involved with the PackagedDeal where she works with her sister Katie Schroeder who also played at UCLA being part of the Bruins 2010 National Championship team  along with former two -time All American and current ESPN Analyst  Amanda Scarborough and former Washington Huskies National Champion,  Morgan Stuart.

Morgan Stuart, Amanda Scarborough, Katie Schroeder, and Jen Schroeder formed PackagedDeal(Photo Courtesy of Packaged Deal)

Among the topics Schroeder discussed in the interview included  the following.

  •  UCLA Bruins making it to Women’s College World Series in 2016
  • Thoughts on Oklahoma winning the Women’s College World Series
  • Thoughts on UCLA Bruins currently.
  • Why so many players from California are leaving the state and the Pac 12 to play in other conferences?
  •  Super Regional between UCLA and Oregon
  • How Shroeder got into Softball?
  • How Schroeder got involved with  Packaged Deal?
  • What was it like playing at UCLA and bring part of 3 Women’s College World Series teams during her career.
  • What the future of Softball?
  • Who are the best Catchers Schroeder has seen in Softball?
  • What would Schroeder change about Softball if she was in charge?

 Jen Schroeder Interview

Schroeder was part of UCLA’s 2005 team that lost in three games to Jennie Ritter’s Michigan Wolverines for the National Championship.Game 3 of the Wolverines win in extra innings is among the most watched College Softball games of all-time.

Most-Viewed Games in WCWS History:

Rank WCWS Year and Game Matchup Viewership
1. 2007 Championship Finals – Game 3 Tennessee vs. Arizona 2,326,000
2.       2015 Championship Finals – Game 3 Michigan vs. Florida 2,273,000
3. 2005 Championship Finals – Game 3 Michigan vs. UCLA 2,240,000
4.       2015 Game 12 LSU vs. Michigan 1,950,000
5. 2007 Championship Finals – Game 2 Arizona vs. Tennessee 1,919,000
6.       2015 Championship Finals – Game 2 Florida vs. Michigan 1,865,000
7. 2003 Championship California vs. UCLA 1,852,000
8. 2009 Championship Finals – Game 2 Florida vs. Washington 1,788,000
9.       2015 Game 9 UCLA vs. Auburn 1,612,000
10. 2004 Championship California vs. UCLA 1,593,000

Schroeder is one of four sisters to play Division I softball which is discussed in the interview as her sister Katie played at UCLA and on United States National team along with her sister Michelle Shroeder who played at Stanford and Nicole Schroeder who currently plays at Arkansas.

Jen Schroeder (Photo Courtesy

she followed up her career  at UCLA  by being the the founder and owner of Jen Schro Catching, a softball instructional facility in Southern California. She is widely regarded as one of the top softball instructors in the country, and her clinics have drawn all-star guest instructors, such as Oklahoma’s Jessica Shults & Lauren Chamberlain and Florida’s Aubree Munro.

Schroeder and the Packaged Deal group travel all over the country.Below you can seethe dates and cities that The Packaged Deal will be at in 2016.

Packaged Deal

Check out Jen on Facebook & Twitter, and be sure to “Like” Jen Schro Catching on FB, as well.



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