College Softball More Popular Than College Baseball?

On this edition of In The Circle Podcast, Eric Lopez and Victor Anderson discuss popularity of College Softball and how it is equal and even surpassed College Baseball as a whole and reason why it has happen.For the second straight season, College Softball had higher ratings and more viewers than College Baseball in the Regular Season,Regionals, Super Regionals, and the College World Series.

Oklahoma Game 3 win over Auburn in WCWS Championship Series was most watched Sporting event on Cable that night

One of many examples is the SEC which is popular and very strong in Softball and Baseball. The SEC Championship game between Auburn and LSU garnered 587,000  while the SEC Baseball Tournament Title Game between Florida and Texas AM had 258,000 viewers.

Another example, The ACC Softball Championship game between Florida State and Notre Dame had 486,000 viewers while the ACC Baseball Championship game between Florida State and Clemson had 168,000.

Last year’s Women College World Series Championship Series between Florida and Michigan defeated the Men’s College World Series Championship Series between Virginia and Vanderbilt by 31% .

This year’s Women’s College World Series between Auburn and Oklahoma averaged 1.31 million viewers in Championship Series including Game 3’s 1.476 million which beat Copa America head to head. The Men’s College World Series between Coastal Carolina and Arizona averaged 1.35 million viewers for Game 1 and 2 of the series with Game three got moved to Thursday afternoon on ESPNU due to rain out on previous night.It effected the numbers as the game only drew 500,000 viewers.

As I mention in the podcast, even if you believe Baseball still ahead of Softball. The numbers show that its very close unlike Men’s Basketball versus Women’s Basketball for example where Men’s Hoops crushes Women’s Hoops on annual basis by 10 to 1 ratio in viewers.

Also on the podcast Lopez and Anderson discuss the Super Regional Format change by the NCAA in Division 1.

Last week the Division 1 Competition Oversight Committee approved a change to the super regional format, which will take effect in the 2017 season.  Next season, the super regionals will be conducted as three-day competitions.  In the past the softball super regionals were conducted over a two-day period with the third game played as part of a doubleheader on the second day.

The super regionals will be played Thursday – Sunday the week before the start of the Women’s College World Series.  The 2017 Women’s College World Series will be play June 1st through June 7th in Oklahoma City.

You can listen to the podcast right here as well as on ITunes.



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