LSU Has Proven to Be a TV Draw

LSU’s Beth Torina in her 6th season at LSU

LSU Softball has proven to been very good to ESPN as the Tigers has become the TV draw in College Softball.

Saturday Night’s ESPN National telecast of LSU hosting Missouri was the most watched Softball game of the regular season and most watched regular season Softball telecast in multiple years as the Tigers loss to Missouri garnered 534,000 viewers. It is the most watched non NCAA Tournament Softball game since 2015 SEC Championship Game when Auburn and Tennessee garnered 887,000 viewers.

Beth Torina
Beth Torina – Photo by LSUSports.Net

It continues the trend that if LSU is involved, Softball fans are tuning in. LSU has been involved in the most watched Softball telecasts for the last few years.

In 2016, LSU was involved in three of the top five most watched non NCAA Tournament Softball telecasts including the most watched broadcast being the 2016 SEC Tournament game against Auburn.

Last year, LSU Super Regional Game two at James Madison in an early afternoon game was the second most watched Super Regional game behind only Game one between Auburn and Arizona.

In 2015, LSU Regional win over Arizona State was the most watched regional game that year and LSU lost to Michigan in Semi-Final of the Women’s College World Series was the fourth most watched WCWS game ever.

1. 2007 Championship Finals – Game 3 Tennessee vs. Arizona 2,326,000
2.       2015 Championship Finals – Game 3 Michigan vs. Florida 2,273,000
3. 2005 Championship Finals – Game 3 Michigan vs. UCLA 2,240,000
4.       2015 Game 12 LSU vs. Michigan 1,950,000
5. 2007 Championship Finals – Game 2 Arizona vs. Tennessee 1,919,000
6.       2015 Championship Finals – Game 2 Florida vs. Michigan 1,865,000
7. 2003 Championship California vs. UCLA 1,852,000
8. 2009 Championship Finals – Game 2 Florida vs. Washington 1,788,000
9.       2015 Game 9 UCLA vs. Auburn 1,612,000
10. 2004 Championship California vs. UCLA 1,593,000

Some if it is good games against good opponent  as well as success LSU has had over the last few years. But there no denying that the numbers show that LSU Softball is very popular nationally and its not an accident ESPN puts them in these marquee TV slots. They have the numbers and they see the trends.



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